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511 Tactical Socks

511 Tactical Socks
Item# 511-socks
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511 Tactical Socks511 Tactical Socks511 Tactical Socks511 Tactical Socks
511 Tactical Socks511 Tactical Socks511 Tactical Socks511 Tactical Socks511 Tactical Socks511 Tactical Socks

Product Description

Quite possibly the most comfortable socks you’ll ever wear, 5.11 Tactical Socks are designed to accompany all of the boots of the 5.11 Tactical Series® family. Constructed with multiple zones of compression and fabric blends for increased blood circulation, heat reduction and moisture wicking, the 5.11 socks are an integral part of 5.11’s footwear Shock Mitigation System™. In combination with any 5.11 boot, the Tactical Socks round out a system to protect your feet. Your feet will stay dry and comfortable and allow you to move quickly and easily in any situation.


Long days on your feet can be very wearing on not only your feet but also your entire body. 5.11 Tactical Series recognizes the importance of providing your feet and body with the best protection possible, so we created a series of socks that in combination with our 5.11 boots give your feet a protective platform to reduce fatigue and promote comfort and stability.


Designed to last with a combination of Coolmax®, nylon, spandex and rubber, our socks hold up to repeated washings. This combination of materials provides your feet with support in all the right places. The tops of the socks are thinner, helping to cool your feet. The bottoms of the socks at the heels and balls of your feet have extra padding for support and protection. Finally, the rubber our socks prevent them from sagging even under the most rigorous activities.


5.11's entire Socks family fits all sizes comfortably and stays put no matter what you are doing. The extreme elastic nature of our socks gives your feet the feeling of being cradled and protected throughout long work shifts. They also make great athletic footwear for sports and work-outs. Once you’ve worn these socks you’ll be hooked for life.


Whenever you buy a pair of 5.11 Boots, we’ll send you a pair of 5.11 socks to round out the perfect footwear team. In combination with our boots you’ll have 5.11 trademark Shock Mitigation System™. Once you’ve worn these socks, you’ll see that they are a true value in their durability, comfort and looks. Be sure to get several pairs of each style.


  • Durable, comfortable and functional
  • Superior fit
  • Multiple Zones of Compression
  • Moisture-wicking Coolmax® fibers
  • Extra padding in soles of feet
  • 80% Coolmax®, 8% nylon, 8% spandex, 4% rubber

    Customer Reviews
  • "These socks are great for firefighting! I've tried extra thick cotton socks in the past but these are much better. My feet slide into my bunker boots easily with these socks and they dry quickly too. They are much more durable than regular socks."

  • "These socks keep your feet cool in the hot summer and are very comfortable. They stay up and the design supports your feet throughout the day. I prefer the Level 2 socks becuase they have more cushion but I recommend these also."

  • "These socks are absolutely amazing. They truly feel like they fit the contours of my foor and provide a level of performance unequaled in any sock that I've ever owned. I am not one to talk hold a sock at such high esteem but this is a brilliant exception."