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511 Tactical 1˝" Trainer Belt

511 Tactical 1˝" Trainer Belt
Item# 511-59409
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511 Tactical 1˝" Trainer Belt511 Tactical 1˝" Trainer Belt511 Tactical 1˝" Trainer Belt

Product Description

The 1.5 inch 5.11 Trainer Belt provides law enforcement, military and fire professionals with a high quality and secure belt for use in almost any environment. The 5.11 Trainer Belt has a solid stainless steel, low profile buckle which has a 6000lb rating for emergency climbing. The durable nylon webbing locks securely in the belt buckle and is additionally locked with a VelcroŽ locking system. The 5.11 Trainer Belt can accommodate most off duty holsters and will not lose its shape even after repeated use. Great for training, casual or duty wear, the 5.11 Trainer Belt is the choice of Law Enforcement, Military and professionals around the world. The 5.11 Trainer Belt comes in sizes from Small to 4XL. The 1.5 inch webbing can be used on most belt loops and is great for holster wear. The Trainer Belt can also accommodate a variety of other gear as needed. Quality, durability, and a low price make the 5.11 Trainer Belt a super value.

  • Durable, comfortable and functional
  • Solid Stainless Steel Buckle (6000lb rating)
  • Buckle finished in black matte
  • Super strong 1.5 inch nylon mesh material
  • Reinforced stitching
  • 3 colors

    Customer Reviews
  • "My belt. No, it is more than that. My black, 5.11 Tactical Trainer. It provides me with tireless support. It never tells me the load is too heavy. It never complains about wool pants, twill pants or denim. Hot or cold weather. It treats all shorts and trousers the same - with sturdy support and respect. It is always at the ready, with me wherever I go. And like a fine wine, my Trainer has aged well over the past few years. Mellow but not weak. Supple, but not soft. Strong, but not stiff. Flexible yet unyielding. A black band as close to me as any garment, but with responsibility other outerwear simply does not match. And the design. Did you ever think a "belt" could have such a design which makes absolute sense, which breaks convention yet does its work better then any I have seen? The Trainer is an elevated and essential garment. Not just a simple strap of nylon. Not just a men's "accessory." No, this is not just a four letter word starting with "B". This is my 5.11 Trainer. My tireless supporter. My friend."

  • "I wear the 5.11 leather belt at work and it is great, but this belt in my jeans and hiking shorts is great also. No sagging with either a IWB or OWB holster and my Lightweight Colt Commander. Holds up my pants well also! Would recommend if you need good support. Has been wet innumerable times and still looks like new."