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5.11 Field Ops Watch (New Design)

5.11 Field Ops Watch (New Design)
Item# 511-59245
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5.11 Field Ops Watch (New Design)5.11 Field Ops Watch (New Design)

Product Description

Once again, innovation is the “watch” word for 5.11 Tactical Series. When 5.11 set out to design a watch we wanted one that would truly serve the needs of law enforcement. The 5.11 Field Ops Watch has all of the features needed for day to day activities and includes our revolutionary SureShot™ calculator. In a partnership with Horus Vision, makers of proven long-range ballistic software, we bring sophisticated point of impact software to your wrist. 5.11 gives you the ability to input thirteen critical variables needed for long range shooting solutions quickly and easily. 5.11 shooting solutions are provided in Mils, True Minute of Angle (TMOA) and Shooter’s Minute of Angle (SMOA). And that’s not all, this rugged watch can take a real beating. 5.11 beefed up the Field Ops Watch pins to stand the strain of a wrestling match, sealed the watch for 30 meters of water resistance and given you a controlled backlight so you can see your data when you need it. This great looking timepiece is perfect for any activity.


The 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch has all the features you’ll need for work and play. 5.11 included digital day, date, and two digital time zones. Along with an audible alarm, there is an hourly chime, a countdown timer and you can check your lap times with a digital chronograph. We’ve included a uni-directional bezel along with a backlight. The 5.11 Field Ops Watch also has a fully functional digital compass which can be adjusted for true north readings. And last but not least, we’ve given you a full function ballistic calculator. The SureShot™ calculator accepts thirteen critical shooting variables to give you point of impact shooting solutions out to 1000 meters. Input your known ballistic data (bore height, ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity and zero range), then add your environmental data (range, temperature, altitude, inclination) and the SureShot™ calculator will give you a shooting solution in MILS, TMOA or SMOA. You can even get your solution in clicks for both windage and elevation. The calculator is very easy to use and most of the variables can be put into the Field Ops Watch before going out to the field. This full function time piece is unique in the world of watches.


The 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch has a high-density polycarbonate frame which is light weight and tough. The mineral crystal face is scratch resistant and reduces glare. We’ve beefed up the watch pins to secure the watch to your wrist in even the most arduous activities.


The 5.11 Field Ops Watch has a lightweight titanium case, comes with two wrist bands in leather and hard rubber and includes an Allen wrench for changing bands.


5.11 Tactical included an optional extended band so that you can wear your watch over outerwear. That way your SureShot™ is available anytime you need it.


The 5.11 Field Ops Watch is a great value for the number of features and quality of materials. The high-density polycarbonate case, proprietary software, digital compass and multiple features give you an outstanding watch that looks great and works hard.


  • High-density polycarbonate frame
  • SureShot™ calculator
  • Rubber and leather interchangeable wrist bands
  • Digital compass
  • Digital readouts
  • Uni-directional bezel
  • Backlight
  • Waterproof to 30 meters
  • Optional extended band for wearing the watch over gloves or clothing
  • Day, date, 2nd time zone, alarm, chronograph, countdown timer, hourly chime

    Customer Reviews
  • "I bought this watch 2 years ago for hunting and long range shooting. I was impressed from the start! All the data inputs are easily entered and easily changed if needed. The 5.11 watch is extremely comfortable and durable. I gave all my other watches up for this one. I now where 5.11 Field Ops watch to work and for everyday use. I still have the original (2 yrs old!) battery working fine! All the data matches up with the most currently available software. I used this tool to help me adjust my scope to make an accurate 750 yard shot!"

  • "The 5.11 watch has a good fit and has ALOT of useful tools for someone who is a ballistics geek. Great for snipers!!"