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5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original

5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original
Item# 511-74251
Color:  Waist & Length (inseam): 
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5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original
5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original5.11 Tactical Pants - The Original

Product Description

5.11 Tactical Pants

Law enforcement, military and fire professionals worldwide consistently choose the 5.11 Tactical Pants for both on and off-duty wear. First specified by the FBI National Academy as standard training issue, the pants have enjoyed considerable popularity over the past 30+ years. The cotton 5.11 Tactical Pant comes in 11 colors, with size ranges to fit virtually everyone. Known for its trademark rear slash pockets and utility strap, the sturdy, seven-pocket 5.11 Tactical Pants is so comfortable and functional, it has become an industry icon.


Made of tough, 8.5-oz. 100% cotton canvas that becomes increasingly more comfortable over time, the 5.11 Tactical Pants stands up to the rigors of daily work, play and travel. Known for superior comfort, functionality and fit, the tactical pants feature a self-adjusting comfort waistband that helps you bend and stretch with ease. For best results, pair the 5.11 Tactical Pants with the 5.11 Tactical Shirts or 5.11 Tactical Polo.


Front pockets are strong and roomy; inverted pleats on the cargo pockets remain flat until needed for a neat, professional appearance. A narrow thigh pocket accommodates a magazine, cell phone or utility knife. The extra deep rear slash pockets are easily accessed and hold extended mags, a baton or a 15” flashlight. You can also use the utility strap to secure a flashlight or store your ear protection at the range.


The 5.11 Tactical Pants utilizes a proprietary weave that binds in on itself to prevent raveling. Double and triple-needle construction is utilized throughout, plus 48 bartacks in high-stress areas add to the tremendous strength of the tactical pants. For added durability, the magazine/cell phone pocket and corners of the slash pockets are lined with Cordura® nylon. The double reinforced seat and knees provide enhanced abrasion protection, and interior knee slots are ready to accept 6mm neoprene kneepads. At the ankle hemline, built-in blousing strap openings can accommodate 500 cord.


On the 5.11 Tactical Pants, we use only genuine, locking-flange YKK® zippers and quality PRYM® snaps, both of which are top-of-the-line in the industry. Additional quality hardware is found in the front, where a convenient D-ring holds your keys, or ID.


The legendary fit of the 5.11 Tactical Pant is a closely-guarded secret based on a tried-and-true formula created 30 years ago from its mountaineering roots. Designed for active movement in changing conditions, the pants perform and look great on individuals of all shapes and sizes. This same superior fit is also found in the 5.11 Tactical Short, 5.11 Covert Khaki and the 5.11 Tactical Shirt.


The authentic 5.11 Tactical Pants is the only pant on the market with a 30-year history of delivering quality, functionality, comfort and value. It has consistently stood the test of time worldwide. Accept no imitations or look-alikes; the authentic 5.11 Tactical Pants are the genuine article.


  • Durable, comfortable and functional
  • Superior fit
  • Patented rear strap and slash pocket design
  • Double and triple-stitch construction
  • 48 bartacks in high stress areas
  • Self-adjusting comfort waistband
  • Cordura® nylon lining in select zones
  • Double thick seat and knees (kneepad ready)
  • Genuine YKK® zippers and Prym® snaps
  • Convenient D-ring
  • Tough 8.5-oz. cotton canvas
  • 7 pockets, 11 colors
  • Perfect for the Outdoors. Including Hunting and Hiking

    Customer Reviews
  • "I originally bought these from Royal Robbins, at a higher price, but they were worth it! Now 5.11 Tactical keeps these great pants alive in many more useful variations, thanks from the bottom of my... um...

    I started wearing these years ago when i did field service for a company that made steam sterilizers.

    The thick cotton provided a degree of protection against the hot piping, after of hours in a hot sterilizer access room, I would be quite sweaty, yet these pants remained non-binding and very comfortable to move around in.

    The elastic sides do not dig in as some pants do, an important feature after 10-12 hours in the same sweaty pants. I've NEVER found a better pair of pants, from army BDUs to designer style climbing pants costing twice as much. They might not be the best choice for actual combat type operations, but for civilian field use- they are optimum.

    These are truly serious pants that could and should be the basis of any uniform for people that work hard in the field. Strange that they work so well for an engineering job as well, I will be trying the the different styles soon, and have great hopes for their utility and functionality.

    Anyone who works hard and active owes it to themselves to try these pants, there is a very good reason the style has survived for so long."

  • "I believe I have put the 5:11 tactical pants to the ultimate test. I have worked for over 3 years in the Middle East under less than desirable conditions and these pants far out rate any others that claim to be in its class.

    Number one key factor is… they ARE comfortable and let me maneuver into some pretty tight situations without binding. Next in line would be the durability. I unintentionally have tried to beat these pants down and they come back strong. And last these pants are affordable when it is time for replacements and it is not too often.

    Each cargo area is utilized to its full capacity and I never seem to run out of room. And the variety of colors helps me to blend if necessary.

    My team and I don’t just consider these as a pair of pants but a vital part of our equipment.

    Thanks 5:11…and keep up the good work."

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